Pick Enterprises offers a 60 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our product(s) please return your complete order and we will refund your original purchase price for up to 60 days from shipping date (excluding shipping & handling).

Non-returnable items:
Downloadable products

Credits and Refunds
To receive full credit for your order you must request a refund and a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number no later than 60 days from your original order date.

When Returning a Pick Enterprises Program:
The Program MUST be complete in order for us to process a return. Each Program’s counterpart is to be included in the return. The return can be completed even if the products were opened and used however all components must be included.

When returning non-Program items, the same rules apply as far as opened and unopened product.

Requesting an RMA
To request a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number, please email or call our Customer Service Department at 1-888-303-8846 ext 4. The RMA number must be displayed on the outside of the box. Packages sent to us without a RMA number may not be considered for a refund.
NOTE: We do not refund the shipping cost to or from our offices.
We ask that you send back all unopened product (with RMA number) to:

Marcelle Pick Store
170 Route 1 Suite 110
Falmouth, ME 04105

Phone: 1-888-303-8846 ext. 4

Once the Return is received to our Warehouse:
Returns will be processed and refunds issued within 10 business days after receipt of the returned product.
Refunds will be issued in the same manner as the original purchase payment method. If this payment method is not available for any reason, we will issue a company check in U.S. dollars as a payment method unless otherwise instructed.

Auto Shipments
Auto Renewals will be automatically generated and charged to your credit card on file. This happens on the same day and time as your original order. The customer has permission and access to change their auto renewal shipment date in their subscription account settings. This will also change the date of which they are charged for their auto renewal on the date they choose to receive their shipment.
NOTE: Only orders which are complete in nature (all components fulfilled) will ship out. We do not ship products separately for one order.

To request a change in status for your auto shipments (temporary hold or cancellation), please call 1-888-303-8846 ext. 4 during regular business hours. Feel free to leave a message; however, you must talk to a Customer Service Representative in order to provide certain information the company requires before your request can be processed.

Please Keep In Mind…
We do not offer exchanges at this time
We do not offer store credits
We cannot issue a refund without first receiving the returned merchandise
We only allow one return per customer, per Program.
We strongly recommended that you return a package to us using a certified method that will provide a Tracking Number. If we do not receive the product(s) and the customer cannot prove the product was returned, we will not issue a refund. The delivery confirmation number or our receipt signature will be proof of delivery as required by your carrier of choice.