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Acute GI Relief Program

Acute GI Relief Program

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Marcelle Pick’s Acute GI Relief Program is a comprehensive bundle for anyone in need of digestive support and an immune system boost. This blend is especially for those who struggle with digestive issues immediately after they eat.

I designed this program to support healthy digestive function, ease bloating, and offer a complete solution to those struggling with gut health and who experience bloating right after they eat.

If you’re in need of a bundle for chronic gut issues, please check out the Chronic GI Relief Program instead.

The Acute GI Relief Program includes a 30-day supply of the following supplements:

  • Digestive Function Support
  • Multi Essentials+
  • Biotic Support
  • EPA/DHA Support

The Acute GI Relief Program has been carefully selected to include digestive enzymes, a high-quality multivitamin and mineral blend, probiotics, and an EPA/DHA omega-3 blend necessary for opti