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Women's Transformation Weight Loss Program

Women's Transformation Weight Loss Program

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Imagine what your life could be like if you completely transformed your health. This is the life waiting for you at the end of Marcelle’s private mentoring program. Here are just a few ways your life can change when you let our team help you:

  • Losing weight - and keeping it off!
  • Renewed energy and enthusiasm.
  • Feeling supported and encouraged by a community who cares.
  • Personalized guidance every step of the way.
  • Life-enhancing strategies that enable you to keep weight off and live your life to its fullest.

All of us here at Women’s Transformation Center are committed to helping you transform your life, get your energy back and lose the weight for good, and accelerate your progress toward your goals.

Whether we work together privately or through the coaching program, when you say “YES” to working with us, we’re full partners. You’ll no longer be alone; we will provide the guidance you need as you begin your journey of transformation.

 What's Included...


Program Overview, Journal and Jumpstart Recipes in PDF format.
Exclusive access to Women's Transformation Center private Facebook Group
Homeopathic Drops

Bonus Book of Recipes to easily prepare and follow on the program

Personal check-ins with Marcelle’s certified health coaches to track your progress, celebrate wins and make adjustments in your eating program. 3

A Message from Marcelle

I’m so glad that you’ve put your trust in me to learn about my Women's Transformation Weight Loss Program. I can help you shed stubborn pounds and keep them off – just like I’ve helped so many other women. I know how hard it is – it takes persistence, follow-through, and gentle guidance. I can provide the guidance if you come ready to succeed. I know a thinner, healthier woman lives inside you – and with my help, you can bring her out!

I know what it’s like to struggle with losing weight because I’ve been there myself. I was doing everything “right”: eating a healthy diet of whole organic foods and lean protein, exercising, getting plenty of sleep – and still I couldn’t reach my goal. But then I discovered this program and experienced stunning results! That’s a total of 20-25 lbs in 6 weeks. Wow, right? Well that's how it has worked for all who have followed the plan and taken the homeopathic drops. That’s when I knew I wanted to share it with my clients.

You must be ready to commit – this program requires following an intense protocol that must be strictly adhered to, especially in the beginning. If you can follow the program, exactly as recommended, I believe that you’ll join so many other women who have one emphatic statement to make: this program works!

I can’t stress enough that this program isn’t a traditional “diet.” It’s a lifestyle change, designed to help you learn a new, healthier way of eating. You won’t have to follow the strict protocol forever, but it’s extremely important in the beginning as we take your metabolism from “fat-storing” to “fat-burning” and change your relationship with food.

My Women’s Transformation Weight Loss Program includes homeopathic drops and supplemental support including Vitamin D, a multivitamin, and a high-quality probiotic. My homeopathic drops are specifically designed to help YOU reach your weight loss goal. My proprietary formula contains all the ingredients necessary to help control your appetite, boost your immune system, regulate blood sugar levels and stabilize your mood. My drops DO NOT contain HCG. I’m an advocate for all-natural, safe products, and that’s what I’m bringing to you.

My program includes a strict diet protocol, a highly structured regimen of daily homeopathic drops, and BI weekly individual support, resulting in an average weight loss of 20-30 lbs over a six-week period. There’s a clear progression to the program and you must follow it exactly to get the best results.

Because no two women are the same, I will tailor my recommendations for supplemental nutrition to your unique needs. Adding supplements can help propel you into the fat-burning zone, give you energy, and support your body as you follow the program.

There are several phases to my program, and you must move through each one to achieve long term success. The eating plan you’ll follow has been designed by nutritional experts to promote success in both losing weight and maintaining that loss. It may feel very restrictive at first, but the tools and tips we give you, and my personal attention, will all support you to achieve the success you’re looking for.

This program is designed to not only change the way you eat, but the way you feel about food. And the health benefits that come from losing weight and taking back control are worth the effort it takes! Are you ready to get started?


Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN, NP

Here's what people are saying about Marcelle's Weight Loss Program:

"This program has helped me to know HOW TO GET RID OF INFLAMMATION!! I was more desirous of getting rid of inflammation then loosing the weight so that is what I kept in mind. I found out that the weight goes as you follow this plan for eliminating inflammation out of your body. I was almost 140 lbs and now I am at 122 lbs, at 72 yrs. of age, and the inflammation seems to have mostly disappeared from my whole body in 6 full weeks. Now I am elated to keep following this plan to keep inflammation at bay. It's all about what goes in my mouth!!! I am learning what foods to totally stay away from and hoping I get the DNA testing back soon which will help me more on what specific foods I need to stay away from as I advance into the maintenance stage." - Connie

"The best weight-loss plan I’ve ever been on!!! Yes, it is not easy the first 3 days but thereafter with the support of the homeopathic drops its a breeze. Search the web or pintrest for recipes to keep it interesting. 6 weeks is not too long to give this your full attention with amazing results. Marcelle, Ann and Victoria thank you for your support!!" - Liesl

"The weight loss program has been fantastic for me. It’s been 12 days, I’ve lost 10 pounds. I’ve done it without being hungry - even though you might go reaching for food, you’re not hungry. I take a drink of water, I tell myself it’s a six-week program for a life-change. I’m incredibly thrilled with the first week and a half of being down almost a pound per day." - Barbara

"I have been doing the weight loss challenge for six weeks. Lost 24 pounds. I am hiking, which I couldn’t do before. I’ve gone down a size in everything, I’m close to the next size of clothes in everything and it’s awesome! I feel great. I have energy. I ran up the stairs this morning! Went away for three days - didn’t even gain a pound - stayed right on track and it feels so good!" - Emily

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